Please select the field of consultation.

  • Matters related to various crimes such as sex crimes, defamation, assault, fraud, embezzlement, trespassing, gambling, false accusations, etc.

  • Matters between individuals, such as compensation for damages, debt collection, unjust enrichment, civil execution, gift, contract, etc.

  • Divorce, property division, child custody, alimony, inheritance, adult guardianship, etc.

  • Issues related to business/labor, such as contracts, fraud, unfair trade, bankruptcy, overdue wages, unfair dismissal, severance pay, workplace harassment, industrial accidents, etc.

  • Issues related to disputes such as medical accidents and medical negligence

  • Issues related to administrative dispositions such as various tax issues and drunk driving license cancellation, business suspension, and qualification suspension

  • Issues related to traffic-related disputes and crimes, such as traffic accidents, drunk driving, retaliatory driving, hit-and-run, etc.

  • Issues related to real estate, such as real estate sales and leases, redevelopment/reconstruction, construction, construction costs, defects, etc.