Medical tourism

We will find both your health and happiness in Korea, which has world-class medical technology.

We are a foreign patient attraction company that provides global healthcare with internationally competitive Korean medical technology.
We provide medical tourism services and travel packages according to customer wishes.
We create a healthier world by resolving medical information and language difficulties for Korean medical institutions and foreign patients.

Attracting foreign patients and medical tourism

We provide comfortable and safe service from start to finish with five core values for our customers.


Professional interpretation and translation service in 12 languages
Easy and convenient booking


Provide hospital recommendation services based on customer interests
Easy and convenient booking


Sending hospital invitation letters for medical tourism purposes
Issuance of visa issuance certificate when necessary

reasonable price

Reasonable price tailored to customer needs
Provide excellent medical care

Excellent Hospital Agreement

Agreement with excellent hospitals including global TOP 100

How the service progresses

Introducing Job&Shop medical tourism service that covers even AZ.

We make reservations at the best hotels and hospitals that fit your route so you don't have to wait.

We will guide you comfortably from the airport to the hotel in one queue without having to wander around.

We make reservations and provide consultations at the hospital most appropriate for the patient, and provide on-site interpretation if necessary.

We provide travel services such as transportation and lodging so that patients can focus on recovery after treatment, depending on the patient's health improvement.
We recommend areas or places where you can travel.

Even after returning to the country, the patient's condition can be checked online and by phone, and patients can receive consultation or additional treatment if necessary.
We provide continuous care.

Package introduction

Introducing the most popular “3 types of medical tourism packages”
Beautiful Days of Korea Healthy Days of Korea Bright Days of Korea
plastic surgery tourism health checkup tour Vision correction surgery tour
4 nights 5 days 4 days 3 nights 4 days 3 nights
- Eyes • Rhinoplasty - General checkup - Eye vision surgery
- Reoperation - Comprehensive examination - LASIK
- Body shaping - VIP check-up - LASEK
- Liposuction
1,500,000 won 1,500,000 won 1,300,000 won
(Excluding airfare and medical expenses) (Excluding airfare and medical expenses) (Excluding airfare and medical expenses)
Medical and Travel Introducing reasonable yet popular product packages

Where to go?

Know-how of experienced medical staff


Trendy sense and design


Skin's natural beauty

Thermage FLX

Powerful skin tightening

Ulthera Quattro

Make Ulthera stronger

Recover your health while enjoying the best medical technology and beautiful scenery.
Job&Shop Medical Tourism will take care of the entire process from departure to entry.
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